Assessment center

Assessment Center

Individual rating system, internal and/or external talent through dynamic evaluation techniques performed in one or more day sessions. We work with sectoral skills for Manager and intermediate commands through role plays and individual tests.

Management Audit

Evaluation of managers and commands oriented to promotion, personal development or mergers and/or acquisitions, carried out by senior consultants with great executive experience and market knowledge.

When an Assessment is needed?

  • New Company Incorporation.
  • Succession plans.
  • Internal Promotions.
  • Faint Fidelization.
  • Reorganizations


  • Meeting with HRH and profile collection: training, experience, responsibilities to assess.
  • Role Play: sectoral specific case, where we specify that is what we measure.
  • Pass test: Papi or others/act Fill quiz
  • Individual interview.
  • Feedback to the person and to RH / Director Functional Area.

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