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The Selection Process adapted to your needs

It has three phases and each one is independent from the rest. We add value where the client need us.

Phase 1 – Recruitment Plan preparation and execution.

  • Job description preparation and posting.
  • Filter Candidates and potential candidates identification.
  • Deliver Interesting candidacies for the position.

Phase 2 – Conducting interviews with the candidates (1st interview)

  • Job and Company Presentation to Interesting candidates.
  • Ensure the candidates fulfill the position requirements, know their interests and real motivations.
  • Deliver Suitable Candidates.

Phase 3- Evaluation (2nd interview)

  • Conduct technical and psychometric tests required for the position.
  • Deliver Reports about the Best Candidates.
  • The report will include their strengths and weaknesses, motivations and interests and the suitability to the position.

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